Feb 26, 2021 • 44M

Policy | Ep 01 | Senior Policy Advisor, Vanessa Suarez of Carbon180

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Are you a STEAM undergraduate or graduate student? An early-career scientist? A science-lover who wants to use your degree to make an impact? This podcast is for YOU! In Conversations with a Wannabe Scientist, we will interview scientists and science advocates whose work focuses on the biggest crises of our day: sustainability, climate change, and environmental justice. Each guest will answer all your questions about how to get involved, take action, and go from a wannabe scientist to the real thing. Your host is Nicole Felts, an ecologist and science communicator. Nicole got her MSc from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in Geography and Environmental Systems. She has a vested interest in empowering students to conduct honorable science and communicate compassionately. Science is at its best when everyone has the opportunity to understand and participate.
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Season 01 (Policy) | Ep 01 | Senior Policy Advisor, Vanessa Suarez of Carbon180

In this episode, our host Nicole Felts interviews Vanessa Suarez, a senior policy advisor at Carbon180. Vanessa shares her passion for climate policy and carbon removal as a way to rebalance our climate.

In this episode, Vanessa dives into what work looks like as a climate policy advisor. Some of the questions she answers are...

  • How she got interested in climate policy

  • What she likes most about her current role

  • What her day-to-day looks like

  • What the most exciting project is that she's ever worked on

Vanessa shares her wisdom about

  • How to get connected and find jobs in climate policy

  • What skills are highly valued in policy work

Links for the organizations and people Vanessa mentioned:

Carbon180 | https://twitter.com/carbon_180

Jennifer Wilcox

Paige Stanley

World Resources Institute

Environmental Defense Fund

US Department of Energy


She also specifically recommended looking into your own local government social tags and following them as well!

Thanks for tuning in! Stay tuned for next week’s episode with Christopher Round, an expert in climate policy.